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Edurk Black Pablo Is Taking Over As CEO, Rapper, Producer, Singer & More

Edurk Black Pablo is noted as the successful CEO of his record label Awol GCode Promotions, a rapper, singer, producer, musician, and entrepreneur. He recalls his career taking off back in 1996 when he was signed to a major deal with Relativity Records, as a member of Dayton Family. 

That deal led to the hit single "F.B.I." charting at #45 on Billboard 200. Soon after, Pablo collaborated with major artists including Hip Hop icon Master P. The albums 'Down South Hustlers' and 36 Mafia's 'Chapter II- Wold Domination' became 2 Gold albums. Pablo then took his career on the road when he toured all 50 states with Insane Clown Posse. 

“I’ve been to prison, lost everything I had, lost my parents within a week apart, lost my brother, and ongoing life’s struggles force you to keep pushing on. That’s what I do and intend to continue doing.”

As a solo artist, Pablo recently released visuals for his new single "Tear Me Down" featuring T. Rell and Ziggy Zig Zag. The track has been gaining global tracking with fans in a frenzy. It's also climbing charts and ranking #60 on Top 150 Independent Charts and $161 on Top 200 Global Charts. Pablo is gearing up for a summer tour with Gucci Mane's artist Enchanting, cooking up new music with multiplatinum producer Faided Beatz, and in the works for the filming of Dayton Family documentary titled Dope Dayton Ave. “Big things are coming. I'm  blessed and keep letting God drive the car.” Stay tuned and connect with Edurk Black Pablo below. 

Connect with Edurk Black Pablo


Facebook: Edurk Black Pablo 

Tiktok: edurkblackpablo 

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